“Makeup trends start at the tip of a pro makeup artists brush,”​ believes Vincent, “and with over 20,000 makeup artists and 200 brands passing through The Makeup Shows doors each year, the trends seen here are what will set the stage now and through 2019.”

The Makeup Show has been running for twelve years and is the go-to event where makeup artists can connect with pro brands, take part in educational workshops, hear from experts first-hand, and network with other artists. The show is held in five cities across the US each year: New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Orlando. The next edition of The Makeup Show is taking place in Orlando, Florida—September 15 and 16. (Read about this year’s New York show on Cosmetics Design.​)

Here, Vincent names and discusses trends he’s seen emerging at recent editions of the show, the ones he considers most compelling. And he mentions particular branded products that artists affiliated with The Makeup Show are reaching for and recommending to their clients.

1. Celebrity Skin “Natural skin is a must….” ​which means using “makeup that is barely there but has a soft matte finish. A sheerer coverage complexion with strategic warmth and shine is flattering for any face,” ​says Vincent. And he notes that makeup artists often opt for long-wear or waterproof formulas. “A few of our favorites,” ​says Vincent, referring to the team behind The Makeup Show, “are Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Foundation and MAKE UP FOR EVER Waterblend. For additional hold and perspiration control, try Alcone or Mehron anti shine and sweat products as a primer.”

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