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There is no surprise in getting tanned under the sun or inside in your bed. In this way, you will not only ruin your skin and health but you will also lose the natural glow. But there are some hacks which will help you to get tanned with super safety and also provide some shining glow in your face and body. In this case, any self-tanning product, especially applying the spray tan is considered as the best hack. Moreover, if you are not only happy with using any spray tan, here you will get some more slash options which will make your artificial glow look authentic. You will naturally get a look of sun-kissed.

1) Use a spray tan

If you want an even tan look throughout your body, at the very first clean and exfoliate your skin properly. Before applying any type of self-tanner this is very much needed to keep your skin healthy. If you are confused about choosing a product, jump on the Self Tanning Foam products of MineTan. The MineTan self-tanners will never disappoint you or ruin your skin even a little bit. If you want to avoid the tan-look becoming splotchy and faded unevenly, must use an exfoliator which is totally oil free. The reason is oil always create a blockade between the tanner and your skin. Thus your skin becomes very streaky and creates problem while applying the tanner. Experts recommend peeling skin and shaving with a brand new razor at the day before to get the best result.

2) Stay oil free

After exfoliating and taking bath, always try to use a fragrance and oil free lotion to your full body. Do not leave your knees, fingerprints, back of the heels and the areas of the body like these. These areas have the tendency of drying and for this; they become more pigmented than the other parts of your body. It causes unevenness.

3) Stick a tape

When you are using spray tan, always use tape at the bottom part of your feet. It will prevent you from stepping on the fallen residue. Otherwise, you will get an orange spot in the sole of your feet and it will depict as the clear sign of fake tanning.

4) Apply tanner in the cool area

Whenever you are using a tanner, choose a place which is cool and dry. The reason is water, sweat, and humidity. Not only these can easily ruin the effect of self-tanner, but also create a streaky mess. So, before applying tanner you must move to a cool place.

5) Skip the elbows and ankles area

When applying the tanner in your legs and arms, skip the elbow and the ankle parts. The skins of these parts have the tendency to absorb more amount of product, so avoid them for the first time of applying. At the second time, just use the leftover amount on them with a brush.

These 5 are the most important points which you must keep in your mind while applying a tanner. Get a tanned look and flaunt.

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