A product’s ingredients and consumer experience are certainly determining factors in its success. The following approaches to the deodorant category have made a real difference in the way shoppers discover, choose, and use their underarm products today.


Natural deodorant is so commonplace now. And the latest wave of brand launches centers on products and formulations that “really work.” ​ Deodorant, suffice it to say, is a product that’s still trying to live down the early days of natural ingredient tech and the legacy of products that simply couldn’t compete (in terms of efficacy) with conventional deodorants and antiperspirants.

Any number of indie brands deserve credit for their hand in establishing the natural niche: Schmidt’s Honestly Phresh, Kaia Naturals​, etc., etc.

One such indie brand, helping legitimize natural deodorant, that Cosmetics Design keyed in on a couple of years ago is Ursa Major. At an early iteration of the Indie Beauty Expo, that brand’s marketing manager told this publication that “deodorant is the gateway to natural personal care.”

Since then, the brand’s Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant has won numerous awards and been highlighted in countless consumer publications. And many of the top clean beauty retailers, online and on the street, carry Ursa Major deodorant today.

Formulated with hops, aloe, kaolin, eucalyptus, baking soda, and saccharomyces ferment, the deodorant has been a hit with consumers, retailers, and the media. And thanks to that ferment, which the brand’s product page describes as a “probiotic enzyme with potent odor-absorbing properties” ​Ursa Major’s Hoppin’ Fresh deodorant stands to continue to do well as trends shift to favor probiotics and ingredients that are micobiome friendly.

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