No makeup collection is complete without the full set of quality brushes.

If your face is the canvas and the makeup is the paint, what would a true work of art be without the use of a brush? Not only a brush, but the perfect brush for the perfect application!

Between foundation, shadow, and lip, there are over dozens of the best makeup brushes to help create the perfect masterpiece of makeup art. Unfortunately, brushes are one of the most misunderstood and underappreciated beauty products.

To take the confusion and guessing games out, we’ve provided 20 of our favorite makeup brushes on the market. Read on as we break down why these brushes are our favorites, and why they belong in your cosmetic bag.  

1. 736 Tapered Face Brush by Luxie

This LUXIE 736 Tapered Face brush is one of the best powder brushes on the market. The handle on the brush is dynamic and comforting with its design material. When it comes to the bristles of the brush, it was designed in a unique teardrop shape. This shape allows powder to apply perfectly (masking all the right places). This brush can also be used for both blush and bronzer application.

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