When Kylie Jenner was named Forbes‘s “youngest self-made billionaire” last week, it sparked a conversation about what, exactly, it means to be self-made.

The dictionary defines the phrase as “having become successful or rich by one’s own efforts,” but some people on the Internet feel that this characterization should include a clause about not being born into wealth — or, in Kylie’s case, the most famous family in America. As one Teen Vogue writer put it, “If ending up a billionaire is a home run, Kylie was born on third base.”

Regardless of whether or not you agree with Kylie’s latest accolade, it’s worth noting that she’s fortunately, not alone when it comes to other self-made women who too, are running successful beauty brands. Beyond climbing the ladder on their own to become successful entrepreneurs, and watching their brands grow from dreams into full-blown realities, these women are using their platforms to bring some type of good into the world. Whether it’s introducing their customers to safe, ethically sourced ingredients, creating products and shade ranges that are truly inclusive, or giving back to various communities, we’ve rounded up 16 beauty brands founded by self-made women that are worth your dollar.

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