Local stocking fillers made with love

If you’re struggling with ideas for your Secret Santa this year, or want to get something different for someone special that isn’t the same old, same old, why not get them some local handmade treasures? So instead of a generic bar of soap, you could get them an artisanal bar of soap made here in Malta. How fancy you are, maaa.

These 12 people make or design their own products, so you know they’re full of love.

1. Seffarruġia

Luxury silk accessories and ready to wear items. Ties, hankies, pillow cases, and eye masks; all made of silk, because you deserve the best and only the best.

2. Libertalia

Handmade jewellery by Jeremy Grech, made from gem stones and crystals. You can even find out more info about the properties of each stone and crystal on his page, so that you can tailor the piece to the recipient’s needs.

3. Stephanie Borg

Art pieces and malta-tile-themed household items, like mugs, aprons and calendars. Bring a little bit of traditional Malta into your loved one’s life.

4. Food Therapy For A Conscious Living

Martina Camilleri makes her own vegan food that is gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, and lactose free! From chocolates to cakes to salad toppings, she’s got it all. She also gives cooking lessons!

5. Yana’s Jewellery

Handmade jewellery by Yana Azzopardi, including chokes, necklaces and earrings. You can even order custom designs.

6. Pastizzi Gourmet

Artisanal pastizzi is officially a thing. Marilu’ Vella makes her own fancy versions of the traditional Maltese pastry, with fillings like pea and mint, and apple and cinnamon.

7. Other Malta

This one is for any art lovers out there.

David Kostap mixes traditional Maltese scenes with alternate reality to make some awesome designs, and you can buy his designs to make any living space the coolest one in town.

8. Saz Mifsud

Saz Mifsud is a fashion print brand that produces limited edition digitally printed products, designed by Saz herself.

9. Luke Azzopardi

One for the fancier individuals out there with a bit more dosh to spend on gifts. Appointments can be booked for a session at Luke’s studio, where he hand-makes bespoke dresses and haute couture items.

10. Burlesque Candles

Handmade candles named after big burlesque stars, made from 100% clean burning soy wax, free from artificial ingredients, petro-chemicals and paraffin.

11. Tettiera

Artisan loose leave teas sourced from renowned plantations across the most popular tea growing regions. And the packaging design is by Stephanie Borg, another local creative.

12. Soap Cafe

Malta’s answer to LUSH, Soap Cafe creates organic, vegan and cruelty free beauty products including soaps, lotions, make up, hair products, men and baby care.

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