There’s something about back-to-school time that calls for a refresh. That’s why this week we’re throwing it back to the basics: putting “easy” makeup hacks to the test and a spotlight on the simple products that’ll make a big difference. Class is now in session.

It’s practically a fact of life: It’s impossible to leave Target with only the item you went in for, especially if you “happen” to pass by the beauty aisle. Glamour editors are certainly no exception, especially given that in recent months, the superstore has expanded its offerings with 150 new products for dark skin and an ever-growing supply of Korean beauty products. It’s also introduced a helpful beauty concierge to ensure that, if you are going to make an impulse buy, at least it’s the right one. When we asked our staffers whether they unexpectedly walked out with a new beauty product during their last Target run, everyone had an answer. Save yourself from going into a blackhole during your next trip, and go straight for these.

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